EpiHack 2017 Colombo

Epihack 2017 was held at Cinnamon Lakeside from 6th Monday of November to 11th Friday of November.

The event was organized by Nanyang Technological University with the hands of  Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL), University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Skoll global threats fund and Municipal Council of Colombo.

The event was held for 5 days and it gave a great experience to connect with many people in different industries. As an undergraduate student this I got many valuable things to my life and as well as new experiences.

The first day was to introduce the guests and the projects they made in previous events. Then we were the main aims of having the Epihack in Sri Lanka.

EpiHack term was created by combination of Epidemiology + Hackathon. The main reason to having the EpiHack in Sri Lanka is, nowadays dengue is a huge problem for Sri Lankans. The municipal Council of Colombo and the EpiHack has get together in order to get a solution for this problem.

We were grouped into 5 to discuss about the problem. First day night we had a movie night.

The second day was the field visit. All the participants were grouped into 3 groups and went for the site visit. The group one went Shangri La hotel and Gangaramaya Temple. Second group which I was selected went to St. Mary’s Convent and Independence Square. The third group went to Good Shepherd Convent.

We had to recognize dengue breeding places and how they are acting to avoiding dengue breeding.

 The second day was ended with a meeting among the IT experts and Developers to discuss how to prevent spreading of dengue using new technology. So, we were divided into groups as Front end developers, Back end developers, Data Analysis, Mobile Developers.. etc.
The third and fourth days were the most busy days. Early in the morning we get together and grouped into 5 groups. each group had one or two front end developers, back end developers and others. So the hacking begun.
The task we had was to implement a prototype of a mobile application and publish it using social media. This was a great experience to work with IT experts.

More than coding we had lots of fun games.

So with the passing of the time the fifth day came. The final day of the EpiHack 2017 Colombo, final outcome of our dedication. The groups present their presentations for the guests and then the certificate award ceremony was started.


EpiHack was an amazing new experience for undergraduates like us. We learn how to with different people in different countries and the special thing is we learn how to communicate with others using different languages. We met many new friends and made new connections. Even tho the final three days were bit busy I like every moment of EpiHack. Thank you selecting us and giving the opportunity to participate the event.


New Friends..

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